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Title: Flashback
Pairing: Draco Malfoy / Astoria Greengrass
Word Count: 775
Disclaimer: In the majestic words of Tya, "Don't own them, blah blah blah. "

   It had been years since Draco had thought of Luna. Odd that she would cross his mind today.The day he was to ask Astoria’s hand in marriage.
    Luna Lovegood. Draco thought back to the hours they spent alone in that storage closet. She was not the kinky girl I had thought she would be. She was soft, and gentle. What did I ever see in her?
    Luna was nothing like Astoria at all. Astoria was a loud mouth with the palest blue eyes. Her short brown hair was pointing in every direction, not a single hair looking out a place. Astoria had been a Slytherin, just like Draco. She had fit in with all the other Slytherin girls, like Pansy Parkinson.
    Pansy Parkinson, Draco mused, was a very enthusiastic shag. She liked it rough, fast and hard. Although, and at this Draco laughed to himself, she always did seem eager to please me.
    Draco was still in awe that he could be thinking about tying the knot. Honestly! He was eighteen, and he supposed he was in love. He didn’t hate Astoria’s guts. And something about her was different. She wasn’t the brainless “damsel in distress” that guys apparently found endearing or whatnot.
    Astoria was an independent. Graduated (without honours) but manages to hold down a decent job at that new wand shop, “Morton’s”. It wasn’t glamorous but the commission was enough to pay the rent on her shit downtown flat. But that’s how she had always liked it. She didn’t spend much time at home anyways. Always at the clubs, getting free drinks. That’s how Draco had first hooked up with her.
    Not the most dignified moments in his life, just another notch in his bedpost at the time. Draco was usually smart enough to not drink at the club. At least, not more than one glass. It made it ever so much easier to “persuade” them to come home when he could get his words out straight. Plus, Draco didn’t like not having control over others, let alone himself.
    He didn’t buy her a drink, he slipped her money and said he’d wait outside for her. The meaning in his voice blatantly clear, and Astoria had heard it. She stalked off after him, waving the money in the air.
    “Excuse me, Mr. Malfoy! Just what exactly is this for?” She spat.
    Malfoy waggled his eyebrows and then turned around and continued toward the backroom.
    Astoria followed, falling right into his trap. Once inside the room, he knew he had won. Astoria followed in after him.
    “Hi.” Draco said coolly.
    “Hi? You know perfectly well I am not a prostitute.”
    Draco smiled mischeviously, and then laughed. “Oh, I know.”
    Astoria sighed. Of course, she had been so blind. It was all a trap.
    Draco began to slowly unbutton his shirt, and pulls his arms out of it. He chucked it aside. Saying nothing, he waited.
    Astoria couldn’t help but admire him. Sure, he was pale, but definitely worked out. A smug look on his face meant he knew what she was thinking.
    Next phase. He unbuckled his belt, and threw it down. He kicked off his shoes, and hastily removed his socks.
    “Your turn.”
    Astoria stared disbelievingly. Oh, Draco, you think you are so smooth. You think you can play me, you got another thing coming.
    Astoria slowly slipped her dress down, revealing her itsy bitsy bra and panties. They matched, but were clearly not from the same set.
    34D, guessed Draco. It was a little game he liked to play. He’d done it since he was fourteen years old.
    He brushed a piece of hair out of her face, and kissed her ever so gently and pulled away. She was to make the first real move.
    Bring it on. And Astoria did make the first move. She leaped at him, tearing his jeans off. Clearly he was expecting to get some tonight. Or he just likes his genitals to breathe.
    She lowered herself onto her knees. He could hear he teeth grinding together. “Okay. Okay. I surrender.” Draco conceded.
    Astoria stood up, slipped her dress back on, and dusted her dress off. “Good. Because I didn’t fancy having to explain this at St. Mungo’s later when you were writhing in pain.”
    “God, you are such a crazy bitch.”
    “Yeah, but you are going to take me out anyways. To a nice restaurant. You are going to pull out my chair for me, hold doors, walk me to my door, kiss me goodnight and then go back home, alone.”
    “Fine.” Draco said through barred teeth.
    And so began Draco’s first real relationship.


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