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Title: Seven Minutes In The Loony Bin.
Pairing: Luna Lovegood / Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1244
Disclaimer: In the majestic words of Tya, "Don't own them, blah blah blah. " 

        Draco knew he was not the most attractive male in school. He was not the smartest, or the wittiest or the most athletic, but he had this unbelievable aura that made it hard to believe he was not a god. His confidence was not to be shaken. Even Potter, his sworn enemy, slightly feared and awed him. Not that a Malfoy would have anything to do with a muggle empathizer.

          The hallways were clogged with pathetic excuses for wizards. Why did Hogwarts let this scum in? What was even the point of the entire Hufflepuff house? They weren’t brave, they weren’t smart, they certainly weren’t cunning. They were just “loyal”. The only thing “loyal” people were good for were servants. And they certainly did not need to learn past second maybe third year.

          “Oof!” Malfoy looked down. Luna Lovegood was a good head shorter than himself.

          “Excuse you.” Malfoy snarled.

          Luna swatted at Malfoy’s ear. “Wrackspurts! They’re in season, right now. You should watch out. My father tells me their bites can cause you to sprout the most horrible boils on the inside of your left nostril.”

          Luna Lovegood was such an oddity. The fact that she hadn’t been locked up in St. Mungo’s yet left Malfoy in disgust. She was not normal. She was, perhaps, the only one who seemed completely unaware of Malfoy’s superiority. It, frankly, left Malfoy flabbergasted and little self-conscious.

        It was but a brief moment when Malfoy caught himself watching the Lovegood child walk away. He gathered up his books and headed to class. She’s so weird. And what the fuck is a wrackspurt? I guess she isn’t ‘Looney Lovegood’ for nothing.

          By the time he reached class, he had forgotten all about Luna Lovegood. Until he stepped in, of course. A classfull of first years stared at him fearfully.

          “I will get you later for this.” Draco said as he snatched a quill from a small, mousy-looking boy. He walked out coolly, ignoring the horrid bubbling embarassment he felt underneath his exterior. He had walked to the wrong class as he his mind had been prioritized on thinking nasty thoughts about Luna.

          “Ah, just as I predicted. Malfoy would not be present for this class. Such a shame. Sometimes being a Seer is such a curse.”

          “May I be excused from class? I believe I have a Nargle in my pants.”

          “Certainly, dear.”

          Luna walked serenely through the class, without so much as peeking at anything other than her destination. She opened the door, and proceeded to descend the steps of the astronomy tower.“Professor Trelawney Saw you would be absent this class.” Luna said simply.

          “Are you alright? Your eyes look as though you’ve been bitten by a Moon Frog.”

          “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Whatever.” Malfoy grimaced at the thought of what he was about to do, but he simply could not delay it any longer. He must eliminate the idea of any feelings of any sort towards this freak.

          He checked his watch, there was still an hour left of class, but he could take no chances on being caught. He took Luna’s arm, and dragged her into Professor Trelawney’s storage room.

          He braced himself, leaned in and promptly pressed his lips to hers. Draco, opened his yes, lips still pressed hard against Luna’s. She was staring dazedly at him. Well I am a pretty good kisser, he thought to himself. Although, Luna was quite well-known for her dazed look even under normal circumstances.

          And just as Malfoy had hoped, nothing. No sparks. No fireworks. No feelings. He breathed a sigh of relief and released Luna. She just stared up at him. Well, why isn’t she leaving? Malfoy wondered to himself. Well, I’ll just leave first them. Leaves a good precedent.

          “Excuse me, the Nargle in my pants has moved up. “ Luna removed her tie, and starting unbuttoning her cardigan slowly. She let them fall to the floor.

          Malfoy’s hand paused on the doorknob, and turned around. Luna, completely untroubled by Malfoy’s presence, had continued to unbutton her blouse.

          Well, if little Miss Loony isn’t putting on a show for me. Malfoy smirked to himself. The least he could do was watch. The poor girl deserved that much.

          Standing there in her bra, in what Malfoy assumed was a 34B, Luna proceeded to scratch herself slowly up and down. It was not the sexiest striptease Malfoy had ever seen, but somehow, it had sparked his interest. He couldn’t tear his eyes away.

          Luna was not Malfoy’s typical “type”. True, she was blonde, but her breasts weren’t overly large, she had a small round tummy and was completely confident  in herself. Even still, Malfoy found himself wondering how soft her cheeks would be if he could just stroke them, how warm her waist would be if he could just put his arms around her.

          Snap out of this, right now! You are a Malfoy, you and your family would simply die of shame if this got out.

          It was too late, the moment had passed. Luna had begun to fit her arms through her blouse again.

          “Stop!” Malfoy gasped with horror when he recognized his voice.

          Luna tilted her head slightly at Malfoy. She was the most adorable thing Malfoy had ever seen. And he wanted her, all to himself. If it had to be a secret, so be it. I’ve kept plenty of secrets before. I pride myself in my ability to decieve.

          He stepped towards Luna, took her hands in his, and brought them to his button-down shirt. Slowly, they unbuttoned his shirt revealing a pale and toned chest. Without hesitation, Luna began to unbutton her own as Malfoy shrugged out of his shirt. And all at once, they clung to each other.

          And as their bodies intertwined, Draco`s lips moved down Luna`s neck slowly, revelling in the moment. His hands immediately unhooked her bra to release her beautiful 34Bs.

          He kissed the valley between her breasts and down her stomach and around her belly button. She shivered, part with cold and part with anticipation.

          Draco looked up into Luna’s eyes. It was clear there was no turning back now. Neither would leave. Neither would breathe a word of this beyond today.

          Draco unbuttoned her trousers and slid them down slowly. The only thing holding Draco back now was her thin white cotton panties. Luna’s hands fumbled to find Draco’s belt buckle. When she found it, she began to unbuckle it, and toss it aside, whipping Draco simultaneously.

          Draco frowned. He didn’t like being the backseat driver. Giving Luna control was an annoyance for Draco. He began to shimmy his pants down and step out of them, kicking off his shoes. While Draco had not been expecting this, he always went commando just on the off-chance.

          Luna slipped off her shoes, and socks, and pulled down her panties. Draco could see they already looked wet and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait.

          Luna leaned against the cupboards of crystal balls and waved Draco over. With complete silence, he began to enter her, when Luna giggled.

          “You are still wearing your socks.”

          Draco rolled his eyes. Girls.

          He grabbed his wand and summoned them off and turned back to Luna.

          The next seven minutes would always stand out in Draco’s mind. In later years, he would still consider it his first time, because she had been his first love.

Continues in Flashback.


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