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Name:Nicole Louise
Birthdate:Dec 28

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andy bellefleur, arithmancy, arthur weasley, baking, barney stinson, bellatrix lestrange, big bang theory, blink-182, bonnie wright, bowling for soup, bridget jones, bro code, buffy, cassie ainsworth, castiel, chris miles, cocacola, cormac mclaggen, costco, curling, daniel tosh, dean winchester, deatheaters, dobby, dogs, doodling, draco malfoy, drinking, driving, eeeyoohoh, effy stonem, emily browning, emily fitch, emma watson, eragon, eric northman, evanna lynch, exploring, fred weasley, freddie stroma, george weasley, h/d, hank green, hannah murray, harry potter, himym, horrors, hoyt fortenberry, immortal instruments, j.k. rowling, jack o'connell, jal fazer, james cook, james fitch, jared padalecki, jason stackhouse, jensen ackles, jessie cave, jim beaver, jj, john green, jon lajoie, joseph dempsie, karaoke, kathyrn prescott, katie fitch, katie fucking fitch, kaya scodelario, lafayette reynolds, lavender brown, legally blonde, lily aldrin, lily loveless, lisa backwell, long hot showers, luke pasqualino, luna lovegood, marshall eriksen, matthew lewis, maxxie oliver, mean girls, megan prescott, mike bailey, misha collins, mitch hewer, molly weasley, naomi campbell, natalie tran, neil patrick harris, neopets, nerdfighters, neville longbottom, nicholas hoult, ollie barbielli, pandora, peanut butter on toast, photography, piercings, pokemon, potions, prozzak, pyjamas, quidditch, rachel macadams, reading, rebeus hagrid, robin scherbatsky, romcoms, ron weasley, ruby 2.0, rum, russell peters, s club 7, sam merlotte, sam winchester, shopping, sid jenkins, sketch, skins, smut, sookeh, sookie stackhouse, soul decision, south park, spice girls, supernatural, tara thornton, ted mosby, the hives, the killers, the subways, the vampire diaries, thrillers, tom felton, tom riddle, tony stonem, travelling, true blood, twitter, usher, vlogbrothers, vodka, voldemort, walmart, wizard rock, wrock, zachariah
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