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Title: Seven Minutes In The Loony Bin.
Pairing: Luna Lovegood / Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1244
Disclaimer: In the majestic words of Tya, "Don't own them, blah blah blah. " 

        Draco knew he was not the most attractive male in school. He was not the smartest, or the wittiest or the most athletic, but he had this unbelievable aura that made it hard to believe he was not a god. His confidence was not to be shaken. Even Potter, his sworn enemy, slightly feared and awed him. Not that a Malfoy would have anything to do with a muggle empathizer.

          The hallways were clogged with pathetic excuses for wizards. Why did Hogwarts let this scum in? What was even the point of the entire Hufflepuff house? They weren’t brave, they weren’t smart, they certainly weren’t cunning. They were just “loyal”. The only thing “loyal” people were good for were servants. And they certainly did not need to learn past second maybe third year.

          “Oof!” Malfoy looked down. Luna Lovegood was a good head shorter than himself.

          “Excuse you.” Malfoy snarled.

          Luna swatted at Malfoy’s ear. “Wrackspurts! They’re in season, right now. You should watch out. My father tells me their bites can cause you to sprout the most horrible boils on the inside of your left nostril.”

          Luna Lovegood was such an oddity. The fact that she hadn’t been locked up in St. Mungo’s yet left Malfoy in disgust. She was not normal. She was, perhaps, the only one who seemed completely unaware of Malfoy’s superiority. It, frankly, left Malfoy flabbergasted and little self-conscious.
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Continues in Flashback.


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